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Shmuley Hawrys




Elisha Hawrys


Well Shmuley is a very sensitive cat….although she has a Jewish male name she is a female cat that has the physical strength of a male cat of the Jewish variety. She has a strong calling to seek out and rescue others…she does this for me every day when I get lost in my apartment. She may be diabetic with a crooked tail and declawed from a previous owner (booo!!) she has skills that make all of this irrelevant. Shmuley loves cold weather and especially loves getting wet in the snow. What more could you ask for from a potential rescue cat? Shmuley is fearless as well. You should see the damage she does to the bugs she finds in the apartment..scary!! Interestly, Shmuley has learned a lot from Murdoch a rescue dog in Fernie trained by my brother Dave Hawrys (for real). I think the skills she has learned from Murdoch will help her immensely during this training process if she is accepted.


  • Super fast
  • Meows extremely loud all the time
  • May be declawed but she is quick with her paws
  • Really long white whiskers…good for search skills I think

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