C.A.R.C.A. and Ruffwear official partnership

ruffwear carca

The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association would like to announce a new partnership with Ruffwear Inc.  Ruffwear is an international manufacturer and distributor of high performance animal wear that focuses on providing a high level of safety and comfort in its products. By utilizing advanced fabrics, hardware, materials and construction processes, Ruffwear will ensure that C.A.R.C.A. field teams can operate at maximum effectiveness even in the harshest mountain environments.

While Ruffwear has traditionally produced only products for dogs, this forward thinking company has acknowledged the superiority of the feline in rescue operations and in most other areas.  Through this partnership, C.A.R.C.A will assist Ruffwear in navigating the specific needs of cats when working to develop its new feline oriented product lines.

Please take the time to visit them on their website  www.ruffwear.com and enter their contest to name their first new cat product.  Contest winners will receive a CARCA Tshirt to help stay safe while adventuring and Ruffwear pint glass to toast the continuing advancement of feline equality!  Cheers!

2 responses to “C.A.R.C.A. and Ruffwear official partnership”

  1. Brad Lazarus says:

    I think the new RUFFWEAR packs should be named “Working Cat Adventure Packs” WCAPS
    and the top of the line packs with multiple pockets and RECCO tags will be the
    “RCAPS” or Rescue Cat Avalanche Packs”

    My name is Brad with NSP in So-Cal.

  2. John Ness says:

    I’ve seen this for a while, and I get that this is sort of a joke, but I take my cat backpacking. He is all about it but the only things that are made for cats are artsy dress-up close. I have a ruff-wear jacket and pack for my dog, but my cat could use some similarly good gear. Just a thought, as a company that makes gear for animals you really should be a proponent for cat gear. I’d buy it.

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