CARCA application

CARCA application

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  1. Deb Weinberg says:

    You need a Maine Coon in your organization: my Simon fits the bill. Excellent climber, curious, fits into minuscule spaces, highly intelligent, he does it all and would look forward to the challenge.

  2. Ellen Bradbury says:

    We have a good candidate for CARCA, big and with a good layer of fat, PECOS is noted for his love of the outdoors, his ability to eat almost everything from green chile buritos to peasoup and his adventurous spirit. He likes to drive but is really not a very good driver. He is part Manx and part Bengal. So we hope the absence of a tail will not stop his career as an avalanche rescue cat. He is eager to begin training and will send a photo. He does email but is taking a nap right now.

  3. Erika Sullivan says:

    I am a veterinarian and would love to help. Please let me know when and how

  4. Emma Sirena says:

    I have 2 cats very eager to begin training 🙂

  5. John Stevens says:

    I am pleased and honored to nominate Andy, part domestic short hair and part Nittany Lion (the last DNA of mountain lions now extinct in Pennsylvania). Andy believes believes he is part cheetah, but the DNA test was conclusive. He prefers to be called Andrew when he gets serious and has his game face on, but likes to be called Andy when he’s relaxed and in a playful mood. Andy is blessed with extraordinarily sensitive heat seeking capability. He can be sound asleep in a closed room three floors away from the laundry room and alertly awaken and track a terrycloth bath towel just taken from the dryer. This will be an invaluable trait in finding avalanche victims in the deepest snow under any weather conditions. Skiers and trekkers would find his response times even shorten if they happen to have a can of tuna or mackerel on their person. Yes, his keen sense of smell is not hindered by either metal cans, foil pouches or sealed plastic bags. Andrew, now in executive and innovator mode, just telepathically suggested you experiment next season with half of your skiers sprayed with eau de mackerel as they board the ski lift and the other half sprayed with cheap perfume. You can test the olfactory sensitivity of your current avalanche rescue cats. Andy just commented that many of your male human avalanche rescue team may be attracted to cheap perfume so you may wish to control for that. Andy also suggested he be equipped with a parasail for aerial deployment. At maximum altitude he would pull the rip cord on his parasail, activate his heat sensors and guide himself to the most human-like heat signature. A color photo will sent upon request. Andy approved this message.

  6. Sian says:

    I have three cats, one of which is polydactyl, and I think all three, well maybe two of them, would be excellent at this. I was involved in training dogs for search but became aware that there is just something missing … and clearly the ability to meow is it! Please let my cats join 🙂

  7. Maurie McLaughlin says:

    I am a ski lover and animal lover! I would love to be able to participate lease let me know. I know dogs noses are more sensitive than dogs, but the size of cats, their inevitable higher sensitivity to vibrations and intuitions would make for great rescuers!!! I have had several circumstances where my cats have acted in protecting me. I do have one cat that might be a great candidate. He is a norwegian forest cat and I have done home range studies on my cats and he had a very large range. He is very strong and great hunter, he has even halled back rock chucks twice his size!!! He is very friendly and smart. He comes to his name, knows a few commands and could learn more.

    Maurie McLaughlin

  8. Jen says:

    A 40 pound cat from Phoenix Arizona has advised me he would like to apply for this position.

  9. pete says:

    Hmm, I suppose white cats would not be suitable? Might lose them in a snow storm.

  10. Monk the Dog says:

    I nominate Lui
    the Girl Cat for CARCA. Digs through snow to find voles in 6 seconds or less. Please take her. Signed, Monk the Dog

  11. Jambo says:

    I am a very handsome, black with a white spot, male feline. I am very excited to hear of your organization! So are my two dog homeboys who are slightly jealous and intimidated by my gymnastic abilities and the fact that I can travel at the speed of light through the air, swinging from drapery, tablecloths and clothing on our human parent, turn mid air, and zoom out of sight under furniture and through table and chair legs and down a spiral staircase without them even noticing! Duh!

    These traits help me in reconnaissance, location and retrieval. I have incredible intuition and love to work for a purpose. I can smell better than a bloodhound without the wrinkles and unmanageable ears. And I am quick and light on my feet, so I don’t cause cave -in’s or damage. Plus I can fit my long, lean self into any opening to find someone who is buried or hurt. I’m good at keeping company, making conversation and applying purring therapy!

    So, please, please, please pick my Mommy and me!

  12. Jster says:

    Can I join if my last name is ‘Katz’ ?

  13. ahansen says:

    I asked Mako if he was interested in applying, and he puked on my Ugg boots.

  14. Linda Stitt says:

    We would like to join, but I’m afraid Topaz if too plump to fit into the cannon.
    Do you have extra large?

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