Documentary Wins Awards

Since we last reported on the little documentary about CARCA, it has had some success at some film festivals, namely Fernie Film Festival and Golden Film Festival, where it won top prize in the Drama and People’s Choice categories.

Our congratulations go out to the film’s makers, and we here at CARCA are pleased about the attention that this film is bringing to CARCA and the important work we are trying to do.

4 responses to “Documentary Wins Awards”

  1. Howard Ojalvo says:

    Wonderfully hilarious documentary. We saw it at the Banff Film Festival.
    Can I get get/buy a copy to show my friends.

  2. Tristan Crosby says:

    I’m doing a school project on CARCA and would like to know how i can get a copy of your documentary. Ive heard its amazing and very instructional. Thanks

  3. keith schultz says:

    hey steve you have to send me the link for your film . thanks keith caa blasting course

  4. margie says:

    where can I get a copy of the film…I missed the night the film was shown at the Banff film festival.
    margie gray

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